I can’t believe it’s been thirteen days since my last post! Between sticking with a schedule for our homeschooling, preparing for three foster children to stay with us for eight days, and today being our first day of co-op, we haven’t had a spare moment.

School is still going wonderfully. I have a feeling that Joshua and Jesse will be on the same level in just about every subject by the end of this year; it’s incredible how fast they pick things up when they’re doing it together (like math and spelling for example).

As soon as I peel myself off of this chair, I have to finish cleaning the house and putting sheets on the spare beds in preparation for the three foster kids that will be staying with us for the next eight days. Boy 5, Girl 4, and Boy 2. I’m looking forward to it and I’ll keep you posted on the craziness that will surely come.

Today was our first day of co-op. I used Classical Conversations curriculum with Joshua last year, but this is our first year participating in the co-op held at a local church. It is three or four hours a week on Tuesdays and it allows the children to get in a classroom setting with a “tutor” (teacher) and learn their new memory work for the week. Every week they have memory work for history, science, grammar, Latin, math, geography, Bible, and Timeline (historical timeline). They also get to practice drawing their maps (this year their focus is on Europe), participate in science experiments, and learn about art. It was absolutely wonderful. I will be singing about European waters and chanting the timeline for the next week for sure.

Happy Tuesday!