Josh and I were noticing last night how dusty our bedroom is.

We’ve lived in this house for four and a half years and of course I regularly do things like dust, vacuum, change the linens, clean the master bathroom, etc. When I vacuum I’m always careful to get the baseboards and corners with the attachments. However, it certainly does seem like our room is the dustiest in the house. When the lights are low in the evening and we’re laying in bed, I can look around and see dust bunnies and strands of dust on the walls and ceilings. I confess that I certainly don’t clean our ceiling fan blades as often as I should. Out of sight, out of mind? Our ceiling fan is on 24/7, 365 days a year, so I never notice how bad it is until it is turned off. Yikes!!

Yesterday I decided enough is enough! I filled my bathroom sink with warm water and just a splash of…you guessed it….Pinesol! I got an old rag, my step stool, and went to work wiping down the walls in my bedroom from ceiling to floor. I vacuumed behind my bed, thoroughly cleaned the ceiling fan, wiped down the double window, sills, and panes behind our bed, dusted all of the furniture, and vacuumed. By the time Josh got home I had a huge smile on my face, knowing what his reaction would be. It was great! He walked in our room and I heard him exclaim, “Holy cow!” as I stood smiling in the kitchen. Our room feels like a brand new place. I don’t plan to ever let it get that bad again. Seriously. Four years of dust was NOT pretty. I mean who wipes down their walls regularly? Do you? You can be honest.

Unfortunately, now the rest of my house feels completely inferior to the cleanliness of my master bedroom.

Now I’m going to ramble a little with some random things:

My mom is recovering nicely and one of her sisters is in town taking care of her; I know they’re enjoying each other’s company.

Our foster children’s case went to court again this past Monday. It looks like they’ll be with us for another month and should be reunited with their parents after that. Just in time for the holidays!

Happy Wednesday!!