We certainly enjoyed our long Labor Day weekend. We spent two days hanging out at the grandparents’ houses. Everyone enjoyed meeting our new kiddos and it was a treat seeing my niece and sister-in-law. The children are doing incredibly well. Baby is just precious and Little Girl is sweet as pie and gets along wonderfully with the boys. I promised to take her to the store this evening so she can pick out a girl toy. We have nothing but Legos, tools, and guns in this house and she’s a girlie-girl all the way!

I forgot to add to my last post; the biological parents have given their consent for me to homeschool Little Girl while she’s in our home. That NEVER happens! What a blessing!

Today was basically the ‘start’ to our week. We had co-op this morning and a case worker home visit this afternoon. My poor hubby is sick in bed and I have a leader meeting at church tonight. I’ll have to plan on putting the kids in bed early!

We have a busy month ahead of us. Between my mom’s back surgery, two family birthdays, co-op, field trips, and planting our fall crops, we should be ready for some rest by October! I sure am looking forward to fall!! Even just the few mornings we’ve had in the upper 60’s with the windows open for a few hours, makes me look forward to cinnamon candles and Christmas music.

Happy Tuesday!