Some of you may have seen the post I wrote on Wednesday…only to delete it a few hours later. It was entitled “Everything Has a Season”. I quoted Ecclesiastes and wrote about our plans to take a break from foster parenting. However, a few hours later, the agency called with a placement. I turned it down and then called Josh to tell him about it. A few minutes after I hung up with Josh, he called back. **Keep in mind, the husband is usually not the emotional one that takes action based on feelings, etc, etc…** Josh said, “I don’t know why, but I feel like we’re suppose to take this placement.”

Let me back-track a little…. Josh and I had decided over the weekend (last weekend) to take a break from fostering. On Monday morning we received a call about a placement. Four year old girl and one year old boy. We turned it down. When the call came on Wednesday, it was for the same placement. Something happened with the other foster parents, they dropped the children off at the agency and quit. It didn’t have anything to do with the children. There was a chance the children would be going home the next day. They needed a place to sleep Wednesday night…

Soooo, I called the agency back and said we’d keep them Wednesday night. The children are absolutely wonderful. WONDERFUL. The little girl is precious, well-mannered, courteous, and gets along well with my boys. The baby is a doll. He doesn’t quite walk yet, jabbers all the time, laughs every time someone looks at him, and sleeps wonderfully. I called Josh when the case went to court on Thursday.

I needed to know, “What happens if they don’t go home?”

“They’re staying with us.” He replied without hesitation.

They’ve been with us for three days now. I use to dread the weekends when we had foster children because there was so much added stress, knowing they all had to stay content and busy, but not with these children. We got up this morning, made pancakes, the children are all playing nicely outside while I clean the kitchen blog. We’ll put the baby down for a nap shortly, and head to the pool when he wakes up. When the children went outside after breakfast, Josh was holding the baby and he said, “Obviously God intended for these children to be in our house. I can’t believe how perfectly they fit.”

Now all of our plans have changed from a week ago and we’re ecstatic. I don’t know how long they’ll be with us, but we intend to enjoy every minute.