Last week flew by once again.

The weekend held much drama, thanks to our van.

It all started when the van began acting up. I’d have to put it in neutral at stop lights because if I left it in drive the engine would rev and lurch the van forward; sometimes even with the break pushed all the way down. It was scary. The kids and I decided to drive through the car wash. Half way through the ride, the van died. Thankfully, it started back up before it was time for the track to dump me out at the end. Unfortunately, while vacuuming a few minutes later, it died again. It took someone jumping it off three times to get me going again. We prayed all the way to the car doctor. Right as we pulled in the parking lot, it died again. Thank you, Lord, for getting us all the way there! Did I mention it was 101 degrees that day??

The kids waited patiently for a friend to pick us up.

Thankfully, the van was repaired in a mere two hours for only $130!! That was such a blessing!

Unfortunately, the next morning, we loaded all of the kids into the van to go swimming and not only would it not start again, but we also had a flat tire!

Once again, thankfully, my husband had a kit to plug tires and all the van needed was a new battery. Two hours and $80 later and we were on our way to the pool. I’m quite thankful to have my van back. Did I mention it will be paid off in a matter of months. That makes me love it and want to take extra special care of it THAT MUCH MORE!! 🙂

We’ve had some cooler weather lately, so I’ve been catching up on some much needed work in the gardens. I found an old Lowe’s gift card while cleaning out my wallet, so the kids and I bought some cabbage, broccoli, a blackberry bush, and some fall flowers for the front beds. While working on garden stuff, I sorted through all of my seed packets from the spring and found the ones I had purchased for my fall garden. Beets, brussel sprouts, celery, and carrots. I also plan to try one last round of potatoes and sweet potatoes. Unfortunately, you never know what kind of weather we’re going to have in Georgia, so I don’t know exactly when our first frost will come. It could be in three weeks and it could be in two months! I may also experiment with a long row of wheat, but I haven’t decided just yet. I got a creative idea from the Square Foot Garden book on how to store my seeds. Did you know there are “sell by” dates on seed packets? Well, apparently it’s a marketing ploy because the dates are usually within the purchase year. Seeds are actually good for anywhere from 2-5 years depending on the seed and how it is stored. Interesting!

Happy Weekend!!