I go through huge waves with my food preparation. Sometimes I go months making the same ten things over and over and other times I’m excited to try a new recipe every other night. Right now I’m back to trying new recipes and OHHH do I have two good ones for you!

Last night I made Over the Border Shrimp Enchilidas, which is a Philly Cream Cheese recipe, and it was delicious and very simple.

I look forward to finishing-off the leftovers at lunch.

Then I decided to experiment with Pioneer Woman’s Maple Pecan Scones. (believe it or not, I couldn’t find the recipe on PW’s blog, so I had to link you to someone else’s blog that posted pics and the recipe…saves me time from having to type the recipe myself.) I will never buy a scone from Starbucks ever again! These were SO incredible and so incredibly simple. I cut my scones in half before sticking them in the oven because they were about 1/3 larger than the scones you would buy at a coffee shop and I knew the icing would be very rich.

I’m glad I cut them in half. They were perfect for dessert and perfect again this morning for breakfast. 🙂 Not perfect, however, if you’re trying to shed a few pounds rather than GAIN a few before adding a bun to your own oven.

On another note: 17 days until the foster children’s next hearing where they should be going home.