One of the definitions of the word festival is: gaiety, revelry, merrymaking. By that definition, we will be having an OctoberFest of sorts in the Wilkerson home.

Today was going to be good. Mondays have turned into review and cleaning. The boys and I sat down with books, snuggled on the couch to fend off the morning chill as fall has swept in with no warning and my kids are still sleeping in their tighty-whities. We reviewed our memory work, practiced our presentations, and read. Every room has an open window.

I’ve been fighting discontentment lately as I look at our “Debt Snowball” and the things that so badly need fixing in every room of our house. Faucets that leak, a wall in the bathroom that stays mysteriously damp (gross!), a dishwasher that is out of commission because it is leaking somehow, from somewhere. I was reading a book recently on contentment and what a blessing it is to others when they see that you are content no matter what season of life you’re in. The truth is, my house could look a lot better and feel a lot better if I’d take even better care of it. So, through the inspiration of my friend Ali, I will be compiling a list of Fall Cleaning tasks to be completed during the month of October. Cleaning and re-organizing is utter gaiety and revelry to me, hence the title, OctoberFest. 🙂 I think I will post my list once it’s complete (the list, that is…not the house)

Our pastor taught on the dangers of having self-esteem yesterday. The overall message was that it doesn’t matter what other’s think of you. Being a child of God, you are made in Christ’s image, so what other’s think about you, your value, and your worth, should not matter to you. Something is only as valuable as the amount one person is willing to pay for it. For example, an antique vase could be worth $1 million if there is one person out there willing to pay one million for the vase. God loved you so much that he paid the ultimate price, the death of His only Son, that you might be saved from your wretchedness. Fill yourself with His word, that you might have high God-esteem. Because what your Daddy (Abba Father) thinks of you is really all that matters.