I was delighted to have a little time by myself this afternoon. The foster children are visiting their parents all day and my boys are with my sweet and wonderful mother-in-law.

I decided it would be the perfect time to FINALLY get my hair trimmed. I haven’t had my hair this long….maybe ever, but it’s in desperate need of a trim and my girl only works on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She has an opening for me in about thirty minutes and I’m quite excited.

Do you remember our trouble with squirrels last fall? Well, they’re back!! I am SOOOO tired of waking up to the sound of squirrels gnawing away in my attic. I literally grab our BB rifle every time I hear them and I run to the back yard. I wait and wait for one to exit my attic. I turn the safety off and aim steadily. I’ve gotten pretty good with my aim. I’m to the point where I’m almost willing to shoot a squirrel in a neighboring tree just in case it will teach all of them a lesson to stay away from the white brick house with the black shudders!! Their attic is CLOSED to squatters! Once again, it’s a good thing all of my surrounding neighbors are quite elderly and likely cannot hear me shooting at our local “wildlife” from my backyard. I don’t know if this is even possible, but I do think our neighborhood has an unusually high squirrel infestation. I probably hit one every two months just driving in and out of the neighborhood. That’s a lot of squirrels in five years! They’re EVERYWHERE!!

We still don’t even know how in the world they’re getting in.

I will not give up.

We may eat squirrel for Thanksgiving.