I’m not one to typically write about poop, but this story I must share….unfortunately.

**If you are one of those moms who carries around a liter of hand sanitizer, bathes her kids every single night before bed, and has a very sensitive gag reflex, you may either want to stop here or put a small trash can by your computer as you proceed.**

Today was co-op and we have a family in Jesse’s class who are adopting a little girl from China in a few short months. All this week, the Chickfila down the street from our co-op is giving 15% of all designated sales receipts to the Digsby adoption. So, many families from co-op were planning to eat Chickfila for lunch today after school. We went with two other families, totaling ten children and three adults. As we finished eating Owen asked if he could go outside and play. I saw that there were no other children on the playground, so I said yes. About five minutes later we all went out and the other children joined Owen. A few minutes into play time, one of the little girls said, “Gross, someone let their dog poop on the playground!” Of course within seconds all of the children were crowded around the poop that was on the ground just to the side of the slide. I was not about to touch it….until, from somewhere up inside the playground, Owen’s sweet voice echoed out, “Oh, I did that!”


Thankfully, my pregnant friend who just happens to be getting nauseous lately, was in the bathroom with her daughter. I quickly grabbed a huge wad of napkins, scooped up the obviously human poo and swiftly put it in the trash (all of which was outside, thank you Lord!). Those poor little girls were so confused and mortified that a child would ever think to drop his drawers and poop on the playground at Chickfila. I, on the other hand, was not the least bit surprised. Owen pooped in our backyard just the other day. When I got over the initial shock I asked him, “Well, did you wipe your bottom?” Very matter-of-factly he replied, “No Mommy, there’s no toywit paper outside!”

From there, we made all of the children put their shoes back on if they were to continue playing on the playground…for obvious reasons.

We left soon after that.

Apparently I need to clarify with my three year old that the freedom of being able to go to the bathroom outside is limited to wooded areas…with permission….and ONLY NUMBER ONE!!!

Life with boys is never boring…and rarely clean.