Today is the day (again). The hearing is at 4:30 this afternoon and if everything goes as planned I should hear by 5:00pm whether or not the kids will be going home today! I’m so torn between being super excited and trying not to get my hopes up. Their bags are still packed from the uneventful November 1st hearing. All I have to do is bathe both of the children this afternoon when Sister gets home from school and then W.A.I.T.

Sister doesn’t even know there’s a chance she could be going home today. I don’t want to get her hopes up again if it doesn’t happen. Plus, it will be SO exciting to see the look on her face if I get that phone call and am able to tell her, “YOU’RE GOING HOME TODAY!!” Oh I can’t wait! It will be so exciting.

I have plenty of things to do today. Publix has an excellent week of buy-one-get-ones and items under $.50. I got 35 items last night, spent $31 and saved $54!! The only problem is, I don’t have room for all of the boxes of food that I bought! I have to get in the garage today and clear off some shelves and do some reorganizing. I also need to clean… entire house. So that should keep me preoccupied.

I just put baby down for his two to three hour nap, so I had better get to work.

P.S. Homeschool buddies: The boys and I did our first lesson in Saxon today and it was a lot of fun. Definitely more interaction and variety than our old faithful Miquon. I think we’ll enjoy it. I decided to put the boys on the same level since they’re only a grade level apart and I feel like Miquon kind of launched Jesse into more difficult concepts that will allow him to hang with us just fine in Saxon 2. Ali, I think you guys will like it if you decide to make the switch.

Happy “hope-to-send-the-kids-home-today” Thursday!!