I taught a coupon workshop at church last night and Josh made dinner for himself and the kids. As a result the kitchen was trashed a little messy when I got home. I was tired so I went straight to bed without touching a single dish or picking up the living or anything. I knew it wasn’t the best idea because I don’t particularly like waking up to total destruction, but I’m starting to see that sleep can be much more important than going to bed with a clean house.

The weather is absolutely gorgeous today with a high of 75 and not a cloud in the sky. I opened the windows when I got home from taking Little Sister to school and quickly debated with myself as to whether or not I should make the boys sit down to do their school work or let them play outside while I clean up for about an hour.

After filling my sink with hot water and pinesol, the decision was clear and the boys headed to the great outdoors to dig more holes in the backyard. The kitchen was clean in no time and I made the boys clean up the living room and their room. After a little less than an hour the house was clean, the boys were nice and dirty (just how they like it) and we were all sitting in the school room working on Week Eleven’s memory work.

It was totally worth it!

I can’t believe we only have ONE week left before our co-op takes a seven week break for the holidays! This semester has flown by and I look forward to taking it down a notch for those seven weeks. We’ll probably still do math a few days a week and spelling at least twice. I’d really like to steal a friend’s idea from last year by buying and wrapping 25 Christmas books; one for every day in December leading up to Christmas. There are books at the dollar stores and several $5 deals on kids Christmas books at the Christian book store. I think that would be a fun treat and of course I’d make the boys read the books to me so I’d be killing two birds with one stone. 🙂 It’s been so much fun having both Joshua and Jesse reading well this year. Life is a lot easier when your kids learn to read….and potty train….and stop using sippie cups…and no longer need a car seat….the list could go on forever but somehow life does not actually get easier as you pass these milestones. It’s fun nonetheless.

Well, the dishwasher is running and my babysitter will be here soon. I have a dermatology appointment today because I realized I have two very small cysts on my head which would not be an issue except for the fact that I realized I’ve lost all of my hair where both of the cysts are (we’re talking the size of a pencil eraser, but still!) so I’m having them removed in an hour.

Happy Wednesday!