Back before our foster parenting days, I would take the boys out for “date nights”. They always, always chose Starbucks and browsing through stores like Target or the mall. We really enjoyed those outings, but we simply haven’t time over the past year. Joshua has been begging me for a date night now that our foster children are gone. I finally obliged.

We were going to head to Dunkin’ Donuts for coffee but I remembered I had some gift cards in my purse, so we ended up at Olive Garden instead. It was so much fun. I love spending time with my boys individually and I don’t do it often enough. Joshua ordered chicken fingers and I ordered my usual; eggplant parmesan.

We both drank water to save room for dessert. Would you believe, out of ALL the delicious desserts on the Olive Garden menu, my son chose the caramel hazelnut macchiato?? I would say, “That’s my boy!”, but even I do not pass up a good dessert for coffee. He didn’t regret his decision and the waiter was able to make it decaf.

I enjoyed my tiramisu and even ordered a slice of black tie mousse cake to-go for Josh. From the restaurant we went to the grocery store to get everything we’d need to bake Christmas goodies the next day. As we were walking into the store, it started snowing! It was SO cold that night.

I had a wonderful time with Joshua and look forward to seeing how God grows and changes our relationship as he gets older. I can hardly believe he’ll be eight in two months. EIGHT!

Happy Wednesday!