ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover will be in Augusta for the next eight days giving one deserving family a once in a lifetime opportunity to start over with a brand new home. A family in our homeschool co-op was actually nominated and I’ve been dying to find out if they were the family chosen. We’ll find out Thursday!

Several weeks ago news started circulating that you could sign up to volunteer at the site of the build so I signed Josh and myself up for the 8pm to 2am shift on Sunday night, which will be day four of the build. We both got an email back from ABC saying that THOUSANDS of people signed up to volunteer and they could only accept a certain amount of workers so they would soon be sending “Congratulations” emails to all those who were chosen.

WELL…Josh and I BOTH just got our CONGRATS emails! We will have the honor of participating in this once in a lifetime opportunity. For a moment I panicked and wished I hadn’t signed up. I was afraid of having to go and work without Josh. Once he checked his email I got really excited.

I’ll keep you posted!