Alabama is probably the last state in the US that I would pick to visit if given a choice. However, three incredible women of God have chosen to reside there for the next 24 hours, so I’m headin’ to Birmingham.

A few months ago after I went to the Going Beyond event featuring Priscilla Shirer, my dear friend Tara asked me if I’d be interested in going to the Deeper Still conference in Birmingham in early December. I’ve done two Bible studies that correspond with Deeper Still. The conferences feature Kay Arthur, Priscilla Shirer, and Beth Moore. Immediately my mind began to race about whether or not I could afford it, whether or not we’d still have foster children, what would the hotel cost, etc, etc… One thing led to another, Tara was able to get a free hotel room because her husband travels a lot with his job, I realized that we would very likely not have foster children in December, and Josh said he thought I should go….so I’m leaving today at noon!

It’s pitiful, but one of my first thoughts was, “FIVE HOURS IN THE CAR WITH UNINTERRUPTED ADULT CONVERSATION!! HEAVEN!!” This trip will be different from Going Beyond because I’ll be a lot farther from home and I won’t be in a group. Tara and I haven’t had any time to spend together in almost a year and I thoroughly look forward to catching up, laughing together, and encouraging one another in the Lord. Please be praying for us for the next 24 hours. The weather should be beautiful in Birmingham and our hotel is only half a mile from the conference center, so we intend to walk (and save $12/day on parking!). We even joked about bringing our own sandwiches and protein bars so we can save money on food. But the more I thought about it I realized: Food is mainly expensive because when I go out to eat, I’m feeding at least SEVEN people!!

All that to say, I am very excited about this weekend. I’ve been up since 5am and it’s now only 6:15. I’ve reverted back to my morning coffee, although I feel it is mostly psychological (because I really do enjoy the taste SO much) so I intend to buy decaf once this bag runs out. Any how, I think I’ll make my coffee now. Have a wonderful weekend! Between the conference today and tomorrow, church on Sunday, cleaning two offices, and working the 8pm-2am shift for Extreme Home Makeover Sunday night, I’m not sure I’ll have time to post anything else until Monday or Tuesday! I’m going to have to squeeze some naps in there somewhere!

Happy Friday!