Today is day 3 for our second semester and first week starting “back to school” while also babysitting the twins. Here is our new “Master Schedule”. It is much more flexible and doesn’t necessarily micromanage everyone at one time. It is working wonderfully!

6am: Quiet Time
7am: Boys awake
Language Lessons/Phonics
Handwriting and Copywork
8:30am: Girls arrive
Puzzles, books, and trains
9:30am: Movie for girls and Owen
Math for Joshua and Jesse
Boys outside/treadmill (yes, Joshua and Jesse love taking turns on the treadmill and it’s great for indoor physical activity on cold, rainy days like today! 🙂
LEGOs, drawing/coloring, practice piano
11:15am: Lunch
12:00: Naps
Wii (for one hour only)
Play outside
Go to park
4:00pm: Girls go home
Dinner/Clean up

Today for example, the boys are still in their pajamas, and we were able to finish all of our school work before the girls arrived because they were running late and didn’t get here until 10:30 this morning.
Our healthier eating is going great as well. We all had organic strawberry-banana smoothies for breakfast and whole wheat pancakes and fruit for lunch.

Now, the girls are napping and I’m going to start some laundry.

P.S. Last night marked the beginning of a new season of Biggest Loser. January marked the start of my family making HUGE efforts to eat healthier and for Josh and I to get in shape. Ashley has agreed to join me in Biggest Loser: Blog Edition!. We’re hoping to take a “before” picture today or tomorrow so I can do the first post!

I’ll leave you with this picture of the Lairsey twins. At only ten days old, they are off everything but their feeding tubes, doing AWESOME and got to move in together yesterday!! How adorable are they!!