One of the reasons the boys went to Greenwood this weekend is because my dad had been planning a hunting trip with Jesse.  Joshua went with him during deer season and Jesse was going to go with him for a pheasant shoot.

Oh the joys of southern living with boys!

Thankfully, Josh and I have had a wonderfully productive day.  We woke up around 9:00, grabbed a quick breakfast and headed to Lowe’s to get six windows for our addition.  I cleaned the house while Josh did all of the prep work and then I went out to help.  This afternoon I stopped by Erin’s house to bring three boxes of preemie diapers I happened upon in the back room while cleaning out rubbermaid bins.  It was a treat to be able to snuggle with the babies and feed little Clara before heading back home to continue working.  Now I’m taking a breather and getting dinner started.  Josh is working on window number five and running out of day light, but here’s what we’ve got so far:

I will be so incredibly thankful when this addition is finished.  Then we’ll really be able to make room for Zoe!