For the past three months the ladies in our Sunday School class have had secret sisters.  I’ve never participated n secret sisters before and it was so much fun.  My secret sister showered me with sweet, personal gifts like a monogrammed travel cup, dark chocolate, Starbucks gift cards, a precious picture frame that says, “My Boys”, and socks at Christmas that say, “Santa’s Favorite Blonde”.  I was looking so forward to reveal day when I could finally give her a big hug and thank her face-to-face for her kindness and generosity.

Yesterday our entire class had lunch together, where we not only drew new names for the next quarter of secret sisters, but we also revealed ourselves to our former secret sisters.  I was completely surprised with who my secret sister was.  She did such a great job being sneaky.  At the reveal she gave me one last gift bag.  In the bag was a hanging name plate that read:

Zoe’s Room

and also a sweet card of encouragement for our journey to Africa and a check for $100 for Zoe’s adoption!  Once again I am completely overwhelmed with God’s goodness and the generosity of His saints.  What a blessing she is to me and my family.

By the time I got home from church and lunch, I had over $200 to add to Zoe’s adoption fund.  Once again the boys were so excited to help me count the money and fill out another deposit slip for Zoe’s account.  Through this adoption, my boys will see God’s never-failing hand of provision in our lives and I pray that it will affect them for a lifetime, always knowing that He will meet their every need according to His riches and glory.

Happy Monday!