Okay, so it’s not really THAT bad, but I can’t remember the last time all three of my kids have been laid out for a solid week.  I think it may have started with Joshua when he had a fever last Thursday.  It only lasted about 24 hours, but that was all my immune-deficient six year old needed to catch those germs and run with them.  By Sunday Jesse was running a 104 fever and by Tuesday he hadn’t eaten in three days and I finally took him to the doctor.  I’m one of those mothers who would really rather wait it out before rushing to the doctor.  With almost eight years of motherhood under my belt, I feel fairly confident as to when it’s time to go to the doctor and when it’s time to let a virus run its course.  There’s nothing worse than loading four or five kids into the van (including the sick one that really doesn’t want to leave the house), sitting for an hour in the waiting room while everyone else’s sick kids cough and sneeze all over you, only to be told  “Your child had a virus when you walked in the door, but within a week they’ll probably have the FLU since you just sat in our waiting room for an hour. Either way, there’s nothing we can give you. Just go home and rest.”  haha!

Owen developed a nasty cough and his nose is running like a faucet.  Thankfully he hasn’t had a fever.  And by the time Joshua and I got home from church last night (I thought I had left all the germie kids at home with Josh), Joshua had a 101 fever and still had it when he woke up this morning.  He asked for some medicine but I explained to him, if he thought he could handle the fever without medicine it would be allowing his body to do what God created it to do.  Fight those germs.  I also explained to him that the other day Jesse was taking tylenol and motrin and every three hours to keep his fever down.  When the medicine kicked in, Jesse thought he was “all better” so he started playing and got very rough….several hours later is when his fever spiked again at 104.  The fever is GOOD for you if you’re willing to rest and let your body fight off the bad stuff.  So, he opted to wait it out.

Here are the quarantined:

It’s been a full week of laying around doing nothing. We haven’t done any school work and we missed co-op on Tuesday. Today I plan to clean and disinfect!

By the way, remember the miracle twins we’ve been praying for? They went home yesterday!!! Erin text me this precious picture this morning after their first night at home as a family of five. We praise You Lord!

Happy day-before-Friday!!