We’re taking the boys to my parents’ on Friday.  We’ll head to Greenwood, eat dinner with my parents, and leave the boys there for the weekend.

We haven’t had dinner guests or play dates at our house in quite a while, so it’s been months since I’ve really, really cleaned well.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to have a whole, entire Saturday in my house without children.  I have so many projects on my weekend to-do list and I can’t wait to get started.  I’m trying hard to get most of the “picking-up” done today and tomorrow so I don’t have to actually put things away on Saturday and can right to the nitty-gritty.  I need to mop my kitchen (like twice), re-organize the bookshelves in the office and school closet, change everyone’s sheets, clean out the boys’ drawers, paint my bathroom, and one of my biggest projects is going to be consolidating our 21 rubbermaid bins!  I will be going through each bin individually, getting rid of all boy clothes that Owen has grown out of, setting aside clothes for the spring consignment sale (all money I make from the sale will go toward Zoe’s adoption), and making a pile for friends with younger boys.  I will also be getting rid of entire bins full of clothes that Josh and I haven’t fit in for years.  I have no idea why we hold onto that stuff.  I guess we hope we’ll be able to fit in them again one day and therefore wouldn’t have to buy new clothes, but for goodness sake, someone else can be using them now! I’m trying so hard to be mindful and not wasteful.  Efficient and not extravagant.  We simply don’t need so much STUFF.

We will have a yard sale soon and I will also be listing some larger things like televisions and furniture on Craig’s List; all to go toward Zoe’s adoption.  I’m really looking forward to getting rid of our excess.

Well, time to get working, schooling, and showering.  I’m having our taxes done after lunch.