First off I’d like to say, I am not discouraged.

God set our feet to this journey and He alone will be faithful to complete it.  Even in the last 24 hours I have been showered with more encouragement and blessings.

I have filled over $100 in Bows for Life orders, today two dear friends made over $60 in donations to Zoe’s adoption (thank you H and A!!), and best of all:  our friends got travel dates to pick up their little girl from China!!

I can’t even imagine what that must feel like to finally get that phone call.  They’ve been laboring through this paper pregnancy for 15 months now and are so elated to finally hold their daughter in their arms.  I cannot wait to meet her!

We only have three weeks of co-op left before we let out for the summer.  I can hardly believe it!  I look forward to ordering our new materials and am in a bit of denial that I will have a second and third grader in the fall.  Technically Owen will be in “pre-k” but that doesn’t mean much when you’re homeschooling.  He already knows all the basics and we’ll wait and see if he’s interested in learning to read next year.  He doesn’t even turn four until the end of June so I certainly won’t be pushing it if he’s not ready.  We’ll work on writing his name and practice lots of tracing, basic phonics flashcards, and Bible memory.  It was amazing today in class to hear how many of the younger siblings (three and four year olds) have memorized every single thing their older siblings had to learn this year.  We’re talking 160 timeline events/people, the entire sixth chapter of Ephesians, and lots of great stuff in history, science, geography, Latin, math, and grammar.  Classical Conversations parents joke around about how their youngest children will definitely end up being the smartest.  They will hear the material day in and day out, year after year long before they’re sitting in their own little class room.  It is really such a treasure.  We have fallen in love with the classical model.

Well, it’s nap time so I really need to clean up around the house.  Floors to vacuum, dishes to wash, clothes to fold; you know the drill!