Someone told me that dehydrated kiwi tastes kind of like sour candy so I headed over to Sam’s Club and picked up a small box of kiwi.

I washed, peeled, halved, and sliced and then spread them out on my drying sheets to be placed in the dehydrator. The worms will love the peels!

Ten hours later (at 130 degrees), here is the finished product and sour they definitely are! They would also be a nice addition to any salad.

We are suppose to have gorgeous weather for at least the next ten days, with the only chance of rain being in eight days. I’m going to head over to the nursery after breakfast to pick up my soil ingredients and get my twenty strawberry plants in the ground. ¬†Also, several of the seeds I started are not doing well after being moved to small pots for more room to grow, so I’m going to have to start more seeds today, with four weeks left until our last average frost date.


Happy Wednesday!