We did it.  We survived our second year of classical home education.  Today was our last day of co-op until August.  We had a fantastic year and I look forward to the fall already.

Next week is the Masters Golf Tournament here, as well as spring break.  It is the only week of the year that I work like a dog (outside my home).  I’ll have six children, be changing a few beds in a rental house, and will work for a caterer for five nights….while trying to maintain a clean house, preparing three meals a day, and helping Josh finish the addition so the appraiser can come next Friday.  It’s going to take a lot of espresso to get me through the week.

However, I get a little giddy thinking about one week from Friday when Masters week will be wrapping up, the addition will be complete and I will sit on the floor in my new living room and take a deep breath of relief and victory.

Even though we continue schooling year round (sorry boys!), I feel like tomorrow is the first day of summer!  No more Monday prep work (presentations, diaper bags, lunch boxes, snacks), no more Tuesday exhaustion, and no more Wednesday crack down (when we drill, drill, drill all that we learned the day before at co-op).  I’m so excited to get together with these incredible moms throughout the summer and share ideas with where to go from here.  We practically have another whole “school year” between now and the time we go back in August.  It’s about 20 weeks.  That’s a lot of review, and catch-up, and time to focus on fun things like music and sports.

One thing I’m looking forward to most is my garden.  I plan on spending a lot of time in the dirt on Saturday!  I’ll have pictures for sure.


Enjoy your week!