Since beginning our journey to Africa I’ve been telling everyone how much peace I have about the whole process and how we’re totally trusting the Lord to provide every step of the way.

In the past week, three separate people have asked me some version of this question:

So, what is the next step in the process?

My response has been, “Well, we’re waiting until we have at least $5,000 before we submit all of our official paperwork, and we’re almost half way there.”

Let me backtrack a little first.  On Friday, we had already raised $1,895; in two weeks.  I was so excited to see the two thousand dollar mark, I prayed we’d make it there by the end of the weekend.  Right now, it is Sunday morning and our adoption thermometer says $2,027!!  We were over the $2,000 mark by Saturday morning.

A friend who is adopting from China (next month!) wanted to contribute to Zoe’s adoption by paying me to help her clean her house before family comes to stay with her boys.  I love cleaning and I enjoy spending time with her, so I was all over it!  However, she was the third person to ask me that question:  What is the next step; what are you waiting on?

She must have seen the unrecognizable look of conviction on my face as I confessed what I didn’t realize I was saying:

By not submitting our paperwork now (or two weeks ago), I’m actually saying, we are going to raise the first $5,000, THEN we’ll trust God for the rest.


God has already provided the first $2,000 in two weeks.  Am I really walking in faith if I’m in complete control of the situation and playing it safe until I feel comfortable?  I feel I’m doing it again….hearing God call me to something, seeing the end result in the distant future and saying, “Okay Lord, that sounds great! I’m in….but I’ll take it from here!”

In the end, Josh and I finished signing all of the paperwork, wrote our first check,  and it is now sitting in our mailbox waiting on Mr.Postman to take it away tomorrow morning.

Let the real journey of faith begin.