It seems we’re just destined to have two babies in the next year or two.

First it was the call last Tuesday about the girl who is half way through her pregnancy with a little girl and is giving her baby up for adoption….found out she’s already picked a family for her baby, but we were going to say YES if she offered her baby to us….all while still pursuing Zoe in Africa.

Then I got a call from our foster agency this morning. Keep in mind, I submitted my resignation almost a month ago! My case worker said that my (former) boss insisted that she call us with this foster-to-adopt placement.

First let me back track a little…

…Ten months ago, I was sitting around the pool and I got a call from the agency about a preemie, a one, and a two year old. The preemie was nine weeks early and still in the NICU. He would be released from the NICU into our custody. These children were from a different county a few hours away and the final decision was made to keep them where they were because the preemie was simply too fragile to travel back and forth for weekly visitation. I was devastated. I really wanted those children. For some reason, losing that placement felt like a miscarriage. There were about five days from the time they told me we’d be getting them until I was told that they were indeed not coming.  I’d had five days to prepare and plan, tell our family, and get very excited.  I cried off and on for two days.  I still remember their names…

Imagine my absolute shock when just this morning my case worker said she was told to call me and inform me that there is a placement of three children, ages 10 months, two, and three from said county who are now eligible for adoption out of the foster system.  The two year old is slightly behind developmentally due to a mild special need, but other than that, all three children are healthy and normal.

Then she told me their names.

It was them.

Deep breath.

I called Josh and gave him everything I’d been told.  Much to my shock, instead of a resounding, “Are you insane??” He simply asked me to call her back and ask for a few more details while we prayed and considered the possibility of saying yes.

After talking back and forth between Josh and our case worker, we decided we simply do not have space for six permanent children at this time, and saying yes to three foster-to-adopt children would mean saying no to Zoe and we’re not going to do that unless we hear the Lord clearly say so.  The baby has been in a separate foster home from his older two siblings since he was born, so we did however, tell the agency that if they end up having to keep them separated in order to find a permanent home, we’d be more than willing to take the baby.  Of course it would be terrible to keep them separated forever, but I know we’d be highly encouraged to keep up sibling visitation, to which we’d happily comply.  The chances of this happening are very slim, because they’ll likely search and search until they can find a family who can take all three.  I’m praying they find that and the family is perfect for these three children.

But it sure does leave me wondering what in the world God is up to.

Two babies placed right at my fingertips within six days of each other?

We’re willing Lord, bring it on!

As always, I’ll keep you posted.