When Nana (my mom) is coming to visit, I usually start cleaning a few days before hand.  If my house isn’t clean when she gets here, she’ll do it….not because she doesn’t think I clean my house, but just to be a blessing.  However, I’d much rather her sit down and enjoy the boys than feel like she has to clean my bathroom or fold my laundry so I work pretty hard to get the house clean before she arrives.

Last night, a friend had a big cup of love Starbucks waiting for me when I got to church (thank you V, it was SO good!).  It was so yummy and I hadn’t had one in quite a while.  I did not, however, think to ask if it was decaf (because who analyzes a free Starbucks??).  Therefore, I was wide awake, cleaning bathrooms at 12:00 last night.  It was really nice to wake up to clean bathrooms this morning.  It’s yucky and rainy outside so it should be a perfect day to mark another room off of my Spring Cleaning list.


Time for school!