As gas prices continue to soar, we’ve been looking for ways to trim our monthly budget.  Our grocery budget is one of the most obvious.  For our family of five (plus feeding the twins I babysit five days a week), we have a monthly grocery budget of $400.  I’ve been experimenting lately with buying my fruit in bulk at Sam’s club along with our chicken.  The rest is usually from Walmart, which I despise, but often feel like I don’t have much of a choice because of my budget constraints.  However, as I’ve mentioned before, my favorite place to shop sales and coupons is Publix.  They have excellent buy one get one free deals every week and they double all coupons up to $.50, which means a $.50 coupon is worth $1!  The above picture is my bounty from today’s trip.  I absolutely love it when my dishwasher tabs are on sale because I can always find a coupon and get them for under $3.00/box.  Normally, they are $7/box and today I got them for $2.95 each!  Without the sale and coupons, I would’ve paid $14 for two boxes and instead only spent $5.90!  Here is what I got:

3 boxes of cake mix

2 boxes of brownie mix

2 boxes of English muffins

2 boxes of dishwasher detergent tabs

2 boxes of Long Grain and Wild Rice

8 cups of yogurt (these were FREE with coupons!)

1 bag of Fig Newtons

2 packages of instant mashed potatoes

2 boxes of Ritz Munchable crackers

1 box Quaker chewy granola bars

1 box of pasta

1 can of PAM olive oil

My total before coupons and sales:           $60.63

Total out of pocket:                                           $24.36