We packed up and headed to North Carolina over the weekend to see my brother and sister-in-law.  The live in a sweet old town just over the state line.  Everything was green and blooming (including my allergies).  The main reason they invited us to come visit this particular weekend was an event called The Merry-Go-Round Festival.  Shelby, North Carolina has a fantastic park and last weekend they hosted this festival.  Five dollars at the gate was your ticket to endless fair rides, the carousel, the train, and live music and entertainment.  The food was fabulous as well!  My brother also recently leased some farm land, not far from his house.

Thanks Donald and Laura, for a great weekend!  We love ya’ll!

Jesse, Aunt Laura, and the goats

My brother, Donald

“the girls”

in front of the big red barn

Daddy and Owen

Owen and Old MacDonald

I didn’t think the boys would go through with the ‘bungee jumping’….boy was I wrong!

On the train ride around the park