We’ve had parent practicum and training this week for Classical Conversations, so it has completely flown by and wiped me out.  I’m pooped!

However, I was sitting in training this afternoon and saw the agency’s number come up on my phone.  Of course I couldn’t answer it but I sure was excited to get out of there and call her back.

We had a nice long conversation and I was able to ask a lot of questions.  In a nut shell, we’ll be able to work on our dossier and home study simultaneously and should be in Africa picking up our baby girl in about 9 months!  The average wait time for a referral in our agency is only 3-6 months and you travel 2-3 months after you receive your referral.  I am jumping for joy!

The ball is finally rolling.  It’s feeling more and more real with each phone call and piece of paper signed and notarized.


God is so good and I am so thankful that we were cautious and prayerful before making a final decision on an agency.