Do you ever have those moments when something makes you laugh so hard you just can’t stop and before you know it there are tears streaming down your face and you can’t even see what’s in front of you?  Well, I did tonight.

Josh and I had to write autobiographies for our home study.  He is a two-finger typer, so I sat at the computer while he dictated his autobiography to me based on the questions we had to answer for our agency.  It is now 11:30pm and we were getting pretty silly.  The final question is:  “Describe the kind of child you hope to adopt and characteristics that you absolutely could not accept in a child.”

After I read the question to him I said, “What a stupid question!  What kind of person would be adopting if that had such strange or rigid expectations of a child?  How can you answer that?”

There was a long pause.  I figured Josh was thinking up a sweet, theological answer.  Then, my laid back, not usually funny husband said with a smirk,


“You will not accept a penis.”







I suppose he was right.

We are not planning for a penis this time around.