I guess it’s a good thing that I haven’t blogged lately.  That means I’m doing what I’m suppose to around the house and not sitting at the computer!   But I’ve missed you!!

This morning I woke up to my kids yelling about ants under the table.  They must have been feasting on a week’s worth of crumbs that fell to the floor and I just haven’t made the time to mop!  So that is how I started my day; shoooing the kids out the dining room, sweeping, and mopping so vigorously that I got a blister.  That’s never happened before!  I sent the kids to read quietly while I cleaned up the kitchen and made breakfast.  Now they are outside bird-watching and I have a clean kitchen, breakfast is ready, and my second load of laundry is working.  I guess that would be impressive if it was only 8:00am….but it’s almost 9:30.  So that means we’re just now eating breakfast and won’t be starting our school day until 10:00.  Not so great for a Monday morning, but after school it’s going to be a jammie day so I can catch up on all of our laundry, so I’m not too disappointed.

Happy Monday!!