This week has been fast and long, hard and easy all at the same time.  Josh had a long, rough week at work and that always makes me hurt for him.  Now he has a full day’s work ahead of him tomorrow as we need to repair a few things on the house before we close on our refinance Tuesday.  I wish he could just relax.  Do whatever he wants.  I don’t even know what he would choose to do if given the option.

The boys and I had a fast and fun week.  Co-op, the dairy farm, and the living history park; a week full of adventure and hands-on learning.  I’m exhausted.

I walked through the house picking up towels, messes, socks; taking them to the laundry room one handful at a time.  I began to make a mental list of all the things I would do if I was given the option of what to do tomorrow.

-a box of books to be consigned at 2nd and Charles

-laundry, of course

-clean out the fridge and freezer and make next week’s menu

-sort through the boys’ winter clothes

-clean out the garage and re-organize

-take a load to the dump

-mop the floors

-clean the bathrooms

The list could certainly go on.  The only thing we’re committed to for tomorrow is a birthday party from 10-12:30.  I’m thankful for that and I look forward to spending some time with birthday boy’s momma.

I haven’t put my mental list on paper yet.  The busier life is, especially on the hard weeks, the more I want our weekends to be about family and rest.  We work all week, so what good are we doing ourselves if we also work all weekend to prepare for the next week…or in my case, to catch up?  God intended for us to rest on the Sabbath.  How often do I really, truly rest on Sunday?  I can say almost never.  Never.

I am aware that this needs to change.  This will be the second weekend in a row that I do my very best to get everything done on Saturday and take the entire Sabbath to rest; truly rest.  I realized last week that it is a very hard thing to do; truly rest.  My mind still raced even as my body rested.  I had to resist, several times, the urge to get up and do what my brain was reminding me of.  Mondays are not busy for me, so I should be able to write it down on Sunday and know that I can get to it tomorrow, but somehow that is still difficult.

Time to make dinner and let the weekend officially begin.

May all grace abound to you.