My hands are still a little shaky from sitting in on that conference call.  I’ve heard the names Sarah and Eliot for a few months now and to hear their voices on the other end of the line was so humbling and overwhelming.  A great deal of information was given throughout the hour-long call, but I’ll stick with the points that pertain to us specifically.

*Before the field investigation can begin for our specific case, the US Embassy has to receive our approved I-600.  Our I-600 paperwork/application has been sitting at our agency’s office in Denver for three weeks now waiting on a corrected document from DRC.  Please pray that they’ll receive this information TODAY.

*The US Embassy will be traveling to our girls’ region NEXT MONTH to perform field investigations.  They’ll place priority to cases with approved I-600’s, but they’ll be taking as many I171-H approved files with them as possible in efforts to begin, if not complete as many investigations from that region as possible since travel is so difficult.  We have had our approved I171-H since February, so at least they have a record of us.  Please pray that we’ll have our I-600 approval BEFORE they head to our girls’ region.

*Lastly, please pray for thorough, swift, and satisfactory investigations in our girls’ region.  I pray that they’re able to complete ALL of the cases that they bring with them next month.  What a miracle it would be to be able to bring our girls home in July or August!