This morning, our girls had a successful visa interview at the US Embassy.  Their visas will be issued any day now!  From there, our in-country staff will get to work on our exit process prior to our arrival.

Yesterday was our second-to-last Sunday at church without our daughters.  These kinds of milestones really get my heart racing–it’s really that close!  We expect our passports and visas to enter…the girls’ home country…will be delivered by Friday.  I think I’ll be able to breathe a little easier after we have those back.

Owen is doing very well.  Thank you so very much for all of you who prayed for him last week.  That was probably the sickest I’ve ever seen any of my children.  His final meningitis cultures came back negative–Praise God!

Lastly, will you please pray for me?  I’m feeling the stress mount more each day.  We’re still short a rather significant amount of cash and the final stage of bringing our girls home requires so many things to fall into place once we’re over there, it can send a type A into convulsions just thinking about it.  I fully trust the Lord to get us there and to bring all five of us back home but I’m still human, so…