This post is going to be short because I’m exhausted and have a very sick little boy on my hands.  Yesterday, we spent the entire day in the hospital with our youngest.  He had a high fever, splitting headache that wouldn’t let up, and was complaining of neck pain.  He had lots of blood drawn and the results ultimately led to a spinal tap to check for meningitis.  We still don’t really have answers except that it is not bacterial meningitis.  We will know in a few days whether or not it is viral meningitis.  He has been on antibiotics now for 24 hours and is still running a fever and feeling pretty yucky.  His headache returns as soon as his pain medicine wears off every few hours.  We are praying that it is not meningitis and that the Lord will heal him very quickly.

On top of little man’s health stress, we have been made aware of some new in-country fees and unexpected expenses.  At this time, we still need $5,000 to make it back home with our daughters.  We know the Lord is going to provide as He already has for every need up to this point, but it can’t hurt to be honest and make our needs known to our village.

If you can help, donations can be made using the donate button to the right of this page or you can make a tax deductible donation through our church.  If you would like the church’s mailing address, please send me a private message by clicking on the “contact” tab at the top right of the screen.

We ask that you please pray with us for our son’s complete healing, that no one else gets sick during or leading up to our trip, and that God would continue to provide the finances for the last leg of our journey.

Please share this post with anyone who may be able to help.


~trusting in Him