This is an updated post related to my geography cards.  I have created geography flashcards to correspond with all three cycles of CC but only the PDF download of each set is available at this time.  I have seven children, including a baby, and simply don’t have time to devote to making and shipping completed sets at this time.

Most important thing to note:

**Each card is labeled with one location, but there is nothing referencing a cycle or week anywhere on the cards because I don’t want to infringe on any copyright laws and get CC corporate on my hiney.**

Second most important thing to note:

**All proceeds will go toward paying off adoption expenses.  We finally brought our daughters home three months ago after a 2 1/2 year wait.  The grand total for our adoption was $140,000**

I must tell you, I originally planned to sell the download for $10.  It took me weeks to finish these, they’re in color, labeled, ready to print and use.  But then I started to think about the fact that you still have to print them, fold the labels over (each map and label are side-by-side so you’ll fold each label over to the back after you print).  You may also choose to glue the entire thing to a 3×5 index card for better durability, and if you’re like me, you’ll laminate the finished product!  Therefore, I’m only asking$5.

These cards may also be printed in black and white or gray scale to save money.  We have an InkBoy near our house and they do $.01 black and white copies if you bring your own paper.  But I must say, the color adds a lot to the cards.  The only color is the water and the small location on each card.

sample picture of cards sample picture of printed pdf France001 France002 France003

One last thing:  How to purchase.

You can pay using the donate button on the right side of the screen.  Please use the memo/comment box in Paypal to note the email address you would like me to use when I send your download and which cycle you’re purchasing.

Please feel free to contact me via email with any questions related to the cards or our adoption.

God bless!