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Making The Switch

children, Cloth Diapering, Parenting By 05/03/2010 No Comments

We recently switched Baby Bear from icky soy formula which made him spit up ALL the time, to almond milk with flax seed oil. The difference has been unbelievable! He’s not as fussy, he’s only spit up once in the last four days, AND he likes it cold! Check with your pediatrician before making the switch, but if your baby is on formula, especially soy, consider this option that is not very well-known. Some pediatricians may not be open to this option, but ours is a vegetarian and chooses the natural option whenever possible…and let’s face it, there’s NOTHING natural about infant formula…YUCK!

Cloth diapering is going well. What a relief to go back to washing our diapers at the end of everyday, rather than having to run to the store at 10pm every 7 or 8 days when I realize I’ve run out. The babies don’t seem to have noticed a difference. We’ll see what birth-mom says at visitation tonight…should be interesting!

It’s suppose to rain today…starting at 1:00pm and ending TOMORROW. Hopefully the babies will take a nice long nap and I’ll get lots of school work done with Joshua. It’s really a jammie-kind-of-day, but I will have to leave my house around 1:30pm, so I guess I’d better get up and get moving.

Happy Monday!!



Freaky Friday

children, Cloth Diapering, foster parenting, Humor, Parenting By 04/30/2010 No Comments

The two toddlers are screaming and bickering (I hated that word as a kid; my mom used it ALL the time…oh my word, I’m turning into my mother!! LOL).

Baby Bear spits up constantly.

I just switched back to cloth diapers so I could take “Diapers- $80” out of the monthly budget, just in time for Baby Bear to start teething, which just happens to make him POOP like crazy! **gross!**

I have a meeting in two hours and desperately need a shower, BUT I also have to run to the store because Baby Bear is officially out of formula.

This is not the Friday I was looking forward to.

I can’t help but remember that today marks “30 days” since we last heard anything about our girls and we were told we’d hear something one way or the other within 30 days. The chances of us hearing from DFCS on a Friday is slim to none…I’m banking on none.

Have you ever noticed that there are certain things that make you feel like your house is relatively clean? For me it is a clean/cleared off dining room table, empty kitchen sink (and preferably counters!), and a made bed. It’s definitely easier to clean when things are already “tidy”.

Oh geez, Owen is crying AGAIN so we better get out the door before the walls come crashing down…and it isn’t even 9am!