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Everybody’s Workin’ For The Weekend

Family, foster parenting By 05/14/2010 No Comments

This is it.

The final weekend before school is out for the summer. Jesse has his end of the year party on Monday with early release at lunch, and Tuesday he only has to go in for graduation rehearsal, early release at lunch, and graduation that evening. It’s all SO exciting!

I received some books in the mail yesterday that I had ordered on Amazon. The first is a Bible study that I intend to work through with the boys this summer. It is called, The Young Peacemaker, by Corlette Sande. The second book was Sequential Spelling, which I intend to use with both boys this year, next year, this summer…whatever; it’s all the same when you’re homeschooling. I mean, do you ever really stop schooling and learning??

I look forward to the mail, like a child waits anxiously for Christmas morning, although with Amazon, you never know exactly what day “Christmas” is going to fall on….there I go again, ending a sentence with a preposition.

I’m excited about this weekend because I’m attending a bridal shower for my best friend from high school. She’s getting married July 24th. Remember THIS post? Yep, I’m still scared and not much skinnier…or shall I just say less fat…skinny doesn’t apply to much of anything on my body, with the exception of my pinkie fingers. My mother is coming to town for the shower and I look forward to spending the day with her.

I hope your weekend is fantastic! We’re suppose to get lots of rain. Bring it Lord! My garden needs a free drink!



Fun In The Sun….And A Puddle Of Mud

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My sister-in-law, Erin, came over on Tuesday and washed her car. Of course, when there’s sun and water, my boys are IN IT! They quickly got their bathing suits on and splashed in the nasty, muddy, soapy puddle that grew and grew where our driveway dips. They had a blast.

Can you tell Owen is in mid-air in this picture? I told him to jump and this is what I captured. And thank goodness he’s positioned just ‘so’ because Joshua’s new swim shorts are a bit too big and you would’ve otherwise seen a half moon!! 🙂

I must say, the time Erin spent at my house while the kids were all outside (or napping) was such a blessing! She was here for about an hour and a half. The boys had a blast and didn’t come inside once. That allowed me to sit at the computer, write a few posts, check my email, and read a few of my favorite blogs; all things that do not happen very often anymore! Thank you for that sweet gift Erin! 🙂

Have a Fabulous Thursday!! I’m off to Field Day at Jesse’s school!