As the holiday season comes to a close, it is often a time of evaluation. We evaluate everything in our lives from our finances, our home, our careers, our bodies (GULP!!), and without fail, we are once again faced with the fact that we’re all flawed human beings. There is always room for improvement.
For example, I love UN-decorating my house after Christmas. For me, in regards to my house, less is more. Sure, we have adequate furniture in every room, but I don’t need unnecessary baskets, vases, knick-knacks (I hate those!), and especially toys. In my house, toys belong in the toy box unless they are being played with. We don’t have a “playroom”, so when toys are not in use, they belong in their home… the toy box. When I decorate for Christmas every year, I put away much of my usual decor in order to make room for the holiday stuff. However, I often find at the end of December, when I’ve put all the decorations away, that I like some rooms better if I don’t put the old decor back where it was. I’ve had friends compliment my house for being uncluttered. That’s one of the best compliments I could receive for my home. I want my house and each room in it, to feel warm, inviting, and comfortable, without the existence of unnecessary “stuff”.
Another thing I love about the end of December is the anticipation of a brand new year. It’s a brand new semester, a new year, new calendars on the wall, new day planner in my purse. I reorganize my household notebook and take out things that I no longer need or no longer pertain to my family. It is a rejuvenating feeling. That is why I love Mondays as well. Every week we have the chance to start over, start fresh, do it better than last week. Are you starting to get me?
Starting January 1st, my best friend and I are going to keep a wellness journal everyday for the entire month. Come on, you can do anything for one month! Each week, we’re going to check in on one another and discuss the food choices we made that week, our attitudes and emotions (and how well we controlled them!), and probably even a little encouragement for our sex lives. The point is to set goals and work hard to achieve them. Don’t be unrealistic, but challenge yourself to push a little further than your usual routine. For me, getting healthier is my biggest goal. Eating better, making better choices for what I put in my mouth, drinking more water, etc.
Each week, I’ll post my progress and if you’d like to join in on the challenge, you can post comments under my weekly progress post. I look forward to hearing about your goals and your progress as we strive to better ourselves in 2009!